Old or New = You Win

Whether this is a brand new venture you are starting or an amazing new addition to your existing business. This business is yours to succeed with. 

New Business

You will run and operate a project based engraving business from your home. We've got all the ideas and tips to get you started. 

Adding this to an existing business

Etsy seller? Golf reps? Part of a multilevel company? Work part time? 

Adding Jupiter & Companies products and engraving capabilities will help open new opportunities with no time spent sourcing.


Talk to the expert

No major decision should happen without knowing all the facts. Book an appointment to talk about how others make their money, ideas on how to start and to answer any question you have... trust us we've heard them all.


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Who Can Benefit


Home Based Business

Anyone looking for a home based business opportunity.

Independent Sales Reps

A great addition to any existing sales business. Add to your markets and local sales. 

Etsy Shop Owners

Design your own custom personalized products to sell at a higher margin.

Trophy and Awards Companies

Adding onsite engraving will increase your marketing and sales. 

Multilevel Owners

Having an engraving system will allow you to give away personalized gifts to all your downline team members. 


Will my equipment be covered? YES We warranty your system and guarantee your products as long as you order and use the Jupiter & Company supplied products and template. 

Can I create my own products? YES Together we will develop your products and your customers products to get exactly what you need.

Can I make my own pricing? YES We will supply you with a Suggested Price List which we suggest you use for the first 3-4 months of your business but really its up to you.

Are there more products than what's in the Product Look Book? YES We have been sourcing products for over 15 years. We will get you what you need.

What if I want to use someone else's products on the system? You Can but if any issues arise you will be responsible for the tech support fees. 

For any other questions you have please book an appointment!




It's a business venture in a box


Our venture box is complete with all the  equipment, samples and information to get your business started.

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Two incomes in One


This business is the blending of the Promotional Product World and Engraving World. You will profit from both the products you sell and the engraving you do! Double Income!

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Tried and Tested


There are over 100 Jupiter Engraving Systems being used today and over 1 million bag tags have been sold!

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Make your money back


Utilize our guidebook, tips and strategies to create 3-4 projects a month to make your money back in 4 months.

Book Your Appointment to talk about how you can make your money back in 4 months.

What you put in is what you'll get back


Jupiter & Company has done all the leg work for your success. We will guide you into your first sale, will provide you with a suggested retail price list, will warranty your machine and products... it's up to you to work your business.

It's FUN!


There will be no other business like yours. You have the opportunity to build your home based business the way you want, of course with some start up guidance. Whether you engrave at home watching a movie or take the engraver to the local farmers market, running and succeeding in this business will be fun!