Spring Break

Thanks Dad

As I prepare to head to my dads 80th birthday celebration with my whole family, I can't help but become even more grateful for what he has taught me in this life. His 3 biggest lessons in my life is to be FAIR, FIRM AND CONSISTENT in both personal and business life. These are the tools I use on a daily basis. 

As I continue to grow this business and try (we are all doing our best) to raise my kids right I am continually saying these words in my head:

Am I being fair?

Will I be able to stay firm on this?

Is this consistent to what I've been doing?

I am so grateful to all those that have helped me be inspired, remain fair, be smart enough to be firm and 

Proud of myself

November 2, 2017

I was having dinner with my awesome friend Toni last night and she asked me, "Aren't you so proud of yourself?" It took me by surprise because I did not immediately say 


I woke up this morning and it wasn't the question that got me, it was my hesitation to answer that bummed me out. 

What makes us woman not jump up and brag about what we have accomplished - even something small. With the arrival of social media it is easy to post a pic and give a short quote to get our confidence boosted. BUT that is not a face to face enthusiastic, girl friend high five as we yell HELL YEAH I DID THAT!!! 

When I got my first sale - no one said "Good job." When I sold my millionth bag tag - no one said "Wow that is a great feat." When I completed the development of my engraving system - no one said "Congratulations!" 

Now I am luckier than ever to have built a company surrounded my beautiful woman who build each other up. That say "Great sale!", "Good job working and running today.", "Good luck with your first party."

This is what is going to make Moms Making Five Figures the most amazing home based business in the USA! I am intentionally putting people in my life to build me up personally and so I can help build them up. Coming from a place of support and friendship can only make life in general better! 

Surround yourself intentionally with others that build you up! 


Mom Blog

Finding my passion

July 10, 2017
When I started working at my fathers company back in 1999 I was new to the work force, never worked in sales, and had never even rented a car before on my own. I had a white cloud of security that helped me bounce from state to state traveling 32 weeks a year following the PGA Tour circuit while engraving bag tags for spectators. It was a moving carnival of elite that weekly brought me to the nicest golf courses in the richest towns. It was exciting and different every week and I never would have imagined that the work force would be so easy and fun. That was all before I was married with children.Fast forward to 2013 when my father called and told me he was retiring to take care of my mom and that the company was mine to run as of that day. I remember hanging up the phone looking around my home office with kids toys all over the place, my husband working late that night, and could only image red balls bouncing all over the place with the new added responsibility. For the next 2 years I barely managed my stress but ran the company, remained a decent wife and a totally distracted mom. I knew something had to change. I had to figure out the balance of my life - work or things would start breaking down.Talking with other moms, like myself, that needed to work to supplement some of the family income I learned some things that were important to them and started exploring how to help others with what I was lucky enough to have. I began to develop a way to help other moms have their own business and to create a life they love.Here are the six major concerns that came up and how we have applied them to our business model of helping moms make five figures.

  1. Work - Life Balance: Moms NEED to create a balance that will allow them to be there for their family, for themselves and for their business. This business allows moms to work around their schedules and to work locally in their communities.
  2. Work Independent, While Being A Part Of A Team: Moms didn't want to feel like they were floating with no support so we developed our program with full support - even if they go on vacation!
  3. Low Start Up Cost and Low Monthly Overhead: The cost of the business in a box is $3,895 which includes a Jupiter Engraving System, 50 free products to sell or use as a marketing tool and all the sales tools they need to help get started. We will support everyone in making their money back as fast as they can work.
  4. Good Bye Glass Ceiling: Moms needed the ability to make as much as they could in the hours they had so depending on how they work their business depends on their profit. When our kids are smaller they are home more so maybe starting out working 6 hours a week will then build as your kids go to school when you can then put in more time.
  5. No More Multi-level Marketing: They did not want to rely on other people to go sell for them to make money. The moms we talked to wanted to go to work, talk to other grown ups but just within certain hours and around their own schedule. This is your own business, making your own money, in your own time.
  6. Get Paid Well To Be Who YOU Are! This was really important to moms. They didn't want to worry about changing themselves when at work. We have developed three "personalities" of our business to choose from to start with. This allows it to be more simple to start and grow their business.

The Jupiter & Co. team is excited to help other moms help their families. We are looking for other moms that want their own home based business in a fun, simple industry. Combining the promotional product industry and the personalization market allows for a creative, open concept. My long history and the team that surrounds me will allow other moms to feel supported and free in creating their own business and helping their families.
Finding Freedom Daily,Heather  Founder of Jupiter & Co., Engraver designer and developer, Jupiter Sports employee, wife to an awesome guy and a mom making five figures for her family!