Meet some of our Jupiter & Company Team Members

Meet Kim & Val - Brand Ambassadors

Together these twins help their families and local communities 

through Jupiter & Company, as Brand Ambassadors.

If you want questions about this business answered book an appointment. They have amazing ideas, can support with tech support and will help you with any product questions.

Featured in Side Hustle Mom

Meet Tammy - Our Teacher with a side hustle

Incredible Wife, Mom and Teacher

Tammy choose Jupiter & Company as a way to keep her summers busy and to increase her families footprint. Her and her husband have three amazing children and live a very active lifestyle. They love biking, swimming, working out and spending as much time together as possible. 

Tammy has been successful at selling and engraving on site at a 5K run with your dog event selling dog tags and luggage tags. She has also helped raise money for her school through fundraising. 

A teacher with a side hustle

A teacher with a side hustle

Meet Erin - Our Online Guru

  She’s a stay at home mom who’s
leveled up her existing Etsy business by
designing and selling personalized products & jewelry online and at festivals. 

She is able to make her own schedule around her 3 amazing boys while creating a business she can work on a few hours a day. 

Meet Amy - Our city hustler

City girl

Amy is our city girl that loves a hustle. 

Multiple Incomes

She slays it by doing a ton of onsite events in her city from Marathons to the zoos opening day. 

She also sells the engraving systems to golf courses and local businesses so they can do their own personalization. She reaps the benefits of the relationship and the reorders.

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