Most Jupiter & Company box owners have paid off their investment in 4 projects. So Can YOU!

Behind every box is a different and unique home based business owner. We want to help you profit in your business with ease and success. Our goal is to help support you in paying off your initial investment as soon as possible.

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The Products

Custom Made


Businesses want to brag about their themselves.... Give them a personal reason to show off their logo. 



Sell your state flag, state flower or any of our top selling images at festivals, farmers markets, local events or an Etsy style store to make extra money. 

Turn Key Support


The Jupiter & Company Team will support you with artwork, proposals, ideas and concepts. If you need any tech support or need to see a friendly face, just FaceTime us!


Bag Tags

Whether it is a golf event, school fundraiser, or event give away bag tags are a great option.


Key Chains

From the car dealer you leased your car from to the realtor you bought your house from would love to give away personalized, custom key chains to all their clients. Don't you wish you got one?


Zipper Pulls

On the trend: Zipper pulls! Personalize them for junior golf, your local schools fundraiser, non profit giveaways or at a local market. 


Charm Bracelets

Thanks to Alex & Ani the charm bracelet is back... personalize it and it is back and better than ever. 


Luggage Tags

Everybody loves to travel... why not do it in style. This is a universal product that everyone loves to need- custom or standards.


Wine Charms & Accessories

From charms to carriers our wine accessory line is great for wineries or as part of a thank you gift. 

Making a come back!

Business Card Holders

A high quality product that almost every industry needs. This also fits a drivers license and up to 2 credit cards for the ladies :)

Money Maker


Everyone is getting medals for almost everything today! From soccer to scholastics, obstacle courses to overachieving... Personalize them onsite and create a new trend.

Club favorite

Membership Cards

From your local rec center to your high end golf course to a fitness club, membership cards are a great way to make that member feel special. 

Most versatile

Valuables Pouch

Wouldn't you love to have a personalized pouch to hold your keys, jewelry, charger and more!! We offer a few different sizes to accomadate your customers needs whether it is for a golf event, spa package bonus or travel accessory. 

Best giveaway

Money Clip

Amazing product for any man in any industry. Put the Aspen leaf on it, sell it at the farmers market and increase your revenue.


Name badges, Plates and Trophies

There are so many needs and you can say YES!!!